introducing fiibac, the intelligent digital feedback platform

An online intelligent feedback platform using sophisticated software designed to collect, analyse, and provide valuable feedback to users.

the value of feedback

Quality feedback is a cornerstone in the development of athletes, contributing to skill improvement, motivation, learning, and overall success in sports. It plays a pivotal role in fostering a positive and collaborative relationship between coaches and athletes, ultimately enhancing performance and achieving long-term goals.

The combination of self-reflection and coach feedback is a powerful synergy that enhances the overall development and performance of athletes. creating a dynamic and comprehensive approach to athlete development, whilst fostering a deep understanding of one’s abilities, targeted guidance for improvement, and a collaborative environment that propels athletes toward their full potential.

“Quality feedback is the compass that guides athletes on their journey of improvement, helping them navigate the path between their current performance and their ultimate potential. It is the invaluable tool that turns experience into expertise, providing the necessary insights to refine skills, ignite motivation, and sculpt champions.”

The Feedback Challenge

As an athlete

  • How many times have you been promised feedback and never received it?
  • If you have received feedback before, how long have you had to wait?
  • Was it consistent and clear?
  • Does the feedback help you develop your skills and set goals?
  • Did you know what you were being measured against?
  • Is the feedback up to date and based on your latest performance?

As a coach or mentor

  • How long does it take to provide valuable feedback?
  • How do you provide consistent, clear feedback the athlete understands?
  • Does it motivate and enhance the learning of the athlete?
  • Is your feedback contributing to the psychological well-being of the athlete?
  • Does the athlete invest their own time in self-reflection?
  • Are you able to track your athlete’s performance over time?

All valid questions, quality feedback in sports is immensely valuable for several reasons that gives the feedback real value.

The truth is, unless you are a full-time coach or mentor nobody has the time to give the detailed feedback required to make a substantial difference. Those that try find it laborious writing and collating of notes followed by organising and arranging one-to-one meetings, which is simply not time efficient. UNTIL NOW!

Home Screen

An intuitive home screen, that is easy to navigate to any of the key zones of the App; Match, Feedback, Fitness & Archive of events.

See your fiibac score, calculated based on your performance over the last three events.

How do you compare to your team mates?

Event Zone

Simply join an event, whether it is a match, training or review. Which creates a card that the athletes feedback is stored in.

Event cards are stored in date order and auto archived after fourteen days.

Fitness Zone

Record your personal fitness scores and track your progress over time.

Feedback Zone Skills

Use one of the standard templates for a sport, that have been developed for maximum performance analysis and improvement. Each area has a clear description of what the athlete or coach needs to consider when marking.

It only takes less than 3 minutes per athlete.

The templates are broken into two areas skills and mindfulness, designed to develop the athlete as a whole.

Feedback Zone Mindfulness

Making athletes self reflect on their own performance and then compare against the coaches assessment.

You would be surprised at the results and drives healthy debate with an athlete and their coach.

Individual Notes

Every athlete is an individual and needs the positives highlighted, as well ass the Work On’s and Goals to develop against.